Web development and maintenance.

Work UI/UX Industry Financial Date Apr. 2016

TOM designed and developed the new version of, the site of Visanet Uruguay.

The Client

Visanet Uruguay manages and centralizes operations between companies and VISA. Its mission is to affiliate merchants to the VISA system throughout the Uruguayan territory and carry out the processing of the operations made through the credit and debit platform of VISA.

Home Page

Home Page

The challenge

Building a website that provides crucial information for Card holders and merchants of the most extended Credit Card Company in the Country.

With over 28,000 stores and almost 2 million credit cards issued in Uruguay, the new website is a key element for the marketing and communications team at Visanet.





Our work

Planning, designing and developing a brand new website for the Uruguayan market. Our Team provided content assessment, UI/UX planning, design and development.

TOM is also in charge of the maintenance of the website with constant development of new sections, modules and contents.