Web development and maintenance.

Work UI/UX Design Development Industry Finance Date Dec. 2015

The Client

Grupo SURA is a colombian company dedicated to two types of investments: strategic in financial (insurance and savings) and industrial services in the areas of processed foods, cement and energy.



The challenge

Develop an awareness-raising action of the general public on the
benefits of savings in order to promote the low-risk investment and
savings funds offered by SURA.

Our work

Takeoff was responsible for the creativity and production of an informative videogame in the "advergame" modality to be used as the center of a campaign on responsible saving.

  • Creativity
    • Base storyline for an advergame.
    • Character design and development.
    • Gaming dynamicsand awards structure.
  • Videogame visual design.
  • Character and leveldesign.
  • Videogame development and testing.

The game

The game


The final product included a
cross-platform video game running on
desktop and mobile devices.

The protagonist must save during a series of levels with the aim of repairing his car for the holidays.

Throughout the levels you will face the pitfalls arranged by the antagonist, an owner of a credit company who tries to interfere with the saving culture of our main character.

The game allows participants to pass a number of levels and add coupons to participate in a final draw.

The game works in a controlled web environment and is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet.




  • Uniqueness
  • The proposal was very well received by the public, in a market with traditional campaigns, our ludic proposal was very beneficial and attracted the attention of a large number of participants.
  • Database
  • The database of participants will allow SURA to carry out segmented communications in other channels such as e-mail marketing and telesales.
  • Campaign
  • The characters of the game are useable in future campaigns, either through games or interactions with social networks they can become a recurring element for customers and prospects to interact with the brand.