Voy de Viaje

A bit of AI to find your ideal destination.

Work UI/UX
Industry Agency Date Jun. 2018

Facial recognition technology applied to an interactive discovery experience.


Through the use of Microsoft Cognitive Services we were able to predict the ideal destination of potential customers, through an innovative experience in the shopping malls of the city.

Facial recognition technology

The Beginning

The travel agency posed the challenge of making an interactive and innovative experience that would bring its wide range of destinations to its potential customers, under the premise of discovering the best destination for each traveler.

The Beginning

At TOM we always try to bring the best and latest trends in technology and have them connect with the human experience, "SofĂ­a" as a symbol of this synergy.

Creative Concept

"Sofia" was conceived as an AI assistant, much like Siri or Alexa, but focused towards finding the ideal travel destination for each person. To start the experience the will-be travelers put their hand on the screen and touched the artificial hand, at this moment Sofia takes over and explains what's next.

"Sofia" was responsible for analyzing the facial expressions of the users as they where shown randomized travel locations on the screens. Based on the AI results, and algorythm would suggest the destination of that best suited to their responses.

Creative Concept

Customer contact

The application recorded the faces of the participants, along the destinations. With this information, an automated e-mail was sent to the user with a screenshot of his happiest face and related destination, as well as a few last-minute offers of related locations ready to be booked.



With this experience, demonstrated its innovative potential in the very competitive landscape of travel and booking services.

Also more than 5000 participants discovered their ideal destination and got connected with the brand!